Publicat de: tudor1 | iunie 25, 2009

cintec despre mama…

Akon – Silver & Gold… :

that girl aint no joke
i love the way she roll
especially when she working going up and down that pole
cos she’s a professional and she’ll stick you up without a weapon, oh she’s so cold
if you don’t know she’ll rob you for your silver and gold ( gold, gold, gold..)
she will take it and go (go, go, go..)
for your silver and gold
she will take it and go (go,go,go.. )
if you don’t know..


just hoped off a plane (sway)
name just popped up again
UK just got hot again
konvict music, top for the game
im in tha club and im watching the dame
whos in love cuz shes watching the watching the chain
and where there is drop over range
one thing is for sure
its the top of the range
clubs about to close
follow me to my crib, come without your clothes
most girls are happy wit a rose
she rather have bottles of rose hennessy and mo
shes out for the dough
she’ll bounce for anyone with an account full of 0

Da, mama este o Profesionista, si daca vrea, si vrea si De-abia asteapta sa ma bage din nou la ospiciu …

mama a dansat in 1997 Exact cind eu eram la ospiciu, mama dansa pe muzica lui Richi Martin… – Un, dos, Tres Maria… a dansat la serviciu…

Ii place si azi de Richi Martin, adica pt. mine, la mama ii place de Diavolul meu… Defapt mama il Adora pe Richi Martin… 🙂


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